Acreage (2017/8) is a new multi-channel video installation exploring the various meanings a land being codified as ‘territory’. 

In order to explore such theme, the work stages the dynamics of constructed social settings based on collective histories, within a land of transition and misperception: calling into question the certainty of existential and belief concepts, Lavy arranges social gatherings on absurd, pseudo-real sets. Almost like through a ritual, realities are shifted.  Through the lack of an apparent narrative, alongside a strong reference to the concepts of ‘absence’ and ‘unseen’, the work also questions the idea of borders, always a constant pillar of dispute and strain. 

Investigating the land as an archive, Lavy interprets it as a void to be destroyed, or yet ruined: as a matter of fact, the work unfolds through a strong sense of the aftermath, leaving the viewer to endure the stillness of the space, without a sense of a precise recognisable condition or a coherent beginning or end.