A search for Terra Nullius



Furlong explores the act of measuring a land, often a strategic and mechanical operation which yet simultaneously translates in a frantic search of an untouched, unknown, perhaps fictional land. 

The work Furlong travels through time and acres, finding out that historical and political changes have left their marks in the geological texture of the land. Therefore, questioning the need to mark territories, to create borders between both active or neutral sites, Lavy reflects the values of mapping, measuring and owning land. 

While the repetitive, mechanical action of counting and measuring articulates a restless research for a peaceful Terra Nullius— a land which isn’t occupied nor defined, the visitor is left to experience the power of those values, in the aftermath of likely unsettling incidents. Rural landscapes, primeval mountains and ancient terrains, evoke the feel of a post-apocalyptic territory, and ultimately present as something that can only be sensed, rather than seen. 

Furlong attempt to separate the entity of land from any socio-political burden so that it retains its archival meaning, unfolding its magical yet turbulent scenarios to imagine new worlds.

Full HD, stereo sound