Lavy focuses on the shifting borders between conventional faith and her own constructed beliefs systems.  Set in the French Ratisbon Monastery in Jerusalem, Lavy reflects upon the transitions within the institute throughout the centuries. The monastery has operated as a seminary school, orphanage as well as a religious institution and place of worship, in a land undergoing its own religious and territorial shifts.

These transitioning realities, within the institution and its surroundings, are juxtaposed by Lavy’s own superimposed belief system. She works within the recognisable setting of the church in order to shift perspectives, alter rituals, and question contemporary perception on classical structures. Lavy takes a singular narrative as a means upon reflecting a greater collective history and our personal and cultural identities.

Divine Mother is a dual channel video installation which takes place in a religious institute for women who have dedicated their lives to their departed mother, who become their maternal spirit. The video depicts the woman on their journey of faith and mourning and the constant

search for their sense of place. The video piece explores the transition from human to saint, the act of canonization, and the fragile shift between life, death, the human and the sacred.